Xie in depth analysis of the quality of the traffic flow of the site

site traffic is every individual stationmaster in pursuit, but many owners will not flow to the quality of care website, website traffic directly affects the quality of website development, the old Xie on their own experience to promote the network, deeply appreciate this, why do some sites only hundreds of traffic, but the revenue very good, but some websites have a good traffic, but earn less money, the flow is the site of the quality problems in the.

How does

improve the quality of traffic on the site?

this problem, also is every stationmaster in website promotion when the first problem that should consider. And whether the quality of the site is high or not, that is, your website traffic is your potential users.

first, do your website analysis and user group positioning

your website, if it is the industry website, that location will be very clear, the user group is your industry, some enterprises or related industries. If your website traffic is the purpose of these people access, you can imagine how much of the value of it.

second, writing web content

this point, old Xie, in a previous time, how to improve the credibility of the site, some mentioned. But there are still many webmaster reaction, and their words can not say, in here, Lao Xie suggested webmasters to see more of your similar website writing style, imitate and so on writing. If you need a certain skill, it is recommended to learn the "soft learning key" in the site of the article writing skills, and web soft some writing ideas.

third, analyze your user groups, regular media

I do not know how many

webmaster soft hair, I do not know how to push, is not a very good analysis of this problem, you must rely on the promotion of other media, looking for potential users often go to the media, the most convenient way, is to find the media website navigation network, because it contains all the basic you to the media. If the station in ZZDH site navigation industries, is a very good resource.

fourth, develop a set of website promotion strategy

such as soft Wen promotion, forum, industry portal release schedule, every day for some of his own work, of course, can help you promote the execution, insist on is very important, after all, promotion work, some boring, but it is on your web site development plays a pivotal role in.

fifth how high quality traffic is converted to order

this problem involves a lot of problems, but there is a very good web chat system, it is a good choice for many industry websites. Such as ntalker web chat system, very good to help your customer service personnel and potential order users for good communication, this problem, old thank you will make specific analysis and research in the future.

new year, new beginning, old help, every need!

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