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entered college, I let go. But because it is difficult to do website boring learning process, the lack of website promotion patience and website optimization experience. Two years have done many websites, most can not taste the lonely, really do a webmaster.

remember eight, nine years ago, I just contacted the network at that time, then I know nothing, just be attracted to the screen brightly coloured "world", from the magic network in my mind and vision is rooted in Tut yearning, I fantasized about learning way. A few years later. The rapid popularization of the network, Grandpa will play non mainstream online, the word is not all children will learn in the blog, network became the new play even woman and children all know. In this background, there is my "dream" and in my eyes, the price of cabbage domain, radish price space, so that everyone can build all possible. Of course, my childhood dream is not to do such grass webmaster, but who can come up with dreams, the gap between reality is so great,

?Now I

on the Internet has its own third of an acre, is also a "stationmaster". In this first published a speech, first of all thank you very cow XtV, the most important thing is to thank the school network. It is because of the graffiti board real to me this is the webmaster do not know what people were introduced to the establishment of the way up. At the beginning, energy-saving function is very strong, can take a free HTML, I will be here to draw a body to taste my site I DIY fun, I also learn about web based things. But gradually, the school network bigger, and suddenly one day, graffiti board can only CSS landscaping, and suddenly one day, graffiti board upgrade. It sounds like a good thing, but for me, it is because the "face a head-on blow, structure change, the previous template cannot be reused. Someone else’s campus network, after all, is the Japanese capital injection enterprises, people on campus nets, after all, do SNS, not to do graffiti board. I thought about myself as a little web site.

I think

just started a website with a graffiti board so hundreds of times like, I also have some knowledge of the site. Will build their own personal website web server program debugging, the domain name will be the mainstream website program, template installation, replacement, will also use the virtual host, but I also know that the webmaster nets, webmaster station. It seems that everything is ready, only less.

but when I really do, only to find that I used to know the mean, previously did not take into account problems. At first I did the site where the excitement, where to flush, what QQ space ah, what non mainstream ah, I have done, but time is not long. The reason is that in one sentence, fewer visitors, and the world does not agree with you, the user adhesion is too low, site positioning vague, too much demand. So I began to think about making a realistic website, so I did a regional forum, the University Town forum. Who knows that this forum has suffered a lot in winter?

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