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with the popularization and development of Internet, more and more people join the ranks of the individual owners, each to the establishment of the friends with great enthusiasm and fantasy, longing for future success! Most of the time is immersed in a utopian joy, but in reality, how can one step to successful? I think a lot of people and not the analysis of the system. "Persistence" is the word we have heard most. Is it possible to insist on success? The following is from my own point of view. How can the website be conceived and positioned?.

, first of all, about the future of the site.

it should be your site planning, website development direction, development space is much, which is expected to have the audience, the audience how many, your site can bring those useful things? These are directly determine your location whether the site is worth doing to you, otherwise, any website do the beautiful, no one appreciate is no value.

second is its own advantage,

are you more knowledgeable or interested in your major? We need to understand our situation before we can locate our website. For example, you particularly understand the computer applications, then you can do computer class website, the game industry is very understanding, then go to a game class website, to combine their own circumstances. Don’t be an industry you don’t particularly understand. Do what you are good at. Because the site owners have hundreds of thousands, there are a lot of liquidity of the Internet Co, we only have their own professional to compete with others, only their own or expertise, can really determine what users need, in order to provide valuable content to users, to attract Internet users two visits, only such website is easy to success. There are their geographical advantages, in a clothing factory near the electronic shopping than other places have advantages, these are new Adsense need to try to figure out.

is to know more about competitors,

in the preliminary determination of a website localization, according to the corresponding keyword search, which has the same type of website, the website scale how, if you can really think of a everybody needs and no one direction, that is you, the probability of success is a great many. Of course, this is not to say that there are similar sites can not do, as long as they can provide Internet users really need content, make features and differences, there is still potential for development.

, the last point is feasibility analysis,

here the feasibility of the impact of factors, including technology, funds, if a novice want to do a NetEase, Sina portal, like, advise you to give up, do a good job of market research and then start. Personal webmaster do not do "big and all", want to do "small and fine", by funds, manpower, time and other aspects of influence, "big and all" is obviously unrealistic, heavy editing work is not you can come alone. On the contrary, "small and delicate" because of targeted, focused, well done, it can break through a day.


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