Sea fishing will push the smart dining room disruptive moment is coming

food and beverage industry into the O2O element is not what rare thing, but now the sea will launch a smart table, a new functional diversification, will cause a sensation in the world of food, for the majority of consumers enjoy a feast of subversive experience!

1, the customer will be seated at the desktop: touch area that touch touch area, there will be a cool boot animation, and finally fixed in the sea ", will appear next plate customer virtual animation magic, enough to attract your attention…

2, customer ordering: customers in the pad meal, you can choose whether to put the menu on the desktop, if YES, other customers can also see the contents of the order. If you do not want to see, you can choose to play the game, PK decided to pay the bill today!

3, the customer: the most popular games into game 2048, and to the development of the flies and other games, come and see who’s fast! Different table number can also come to PK oh!

4, table selection: serving! Order Up! Stop the game and enjoy the delicious meal! You can according to their own preferences and mood, choice of dining table cloth, not too tangled is still unable to hide greeds pastoral style fruit pattern!


5, serving: "Sir, this is your point of Australian beef." The waiter put the dishes on the table, the table at the moment of a vast green prairie, so that your appetite, the introduction of dishes also followed, so that you eat happy, eat at ease.

6, the end of the meal: "waiter, pay!" With the end of the bill, there are warm tips on the table, and look forward to your next visit!

the intelligent table by sea fishing R & D center DEDECATES plan launched in Shanghai in June. The R & D center director Shi Xiaoming: service upgrade is the eternal topic of sea fishing, now we have to do is keep pace with the times, with Internet plus artificial intelligence, continuous innovation, we give customers a new differentiated service experience!


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