Millet founded 6 years for the first time outside experts exchange business millet Lei Jun Readme

sina science and technology news July 8th evening news, millet technology recently held an external expert seminar, the founder of Lei Jun at the meeting talked about the original intention of 6 years and millet. Millet side said that this is the first comprehensive summary of millet 6 years of entrepreneurial thinking. Lei Jun took 3 hours, talked about why he founded do millet, millet, and millet will be where to go.

before, said Lei Jun, founder of millet from so far, he has been doing a limit test, cut down the cost of marketing, no expert, shaoshuoduozuo, relying on the powerful force of the product to convince you.

millet was established 6 years later, however, the outside world of millet in the past, present and future, full of speculation, and even misunderstanding. Therefore, there is a closed door communication. (Li Gen)

The following is the

millet exchanges closed on the 3 hour record:

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my dream, a little exaggeration

first, I tell you why I want to do millet bar.

Jinshan in 2007 after the listing, even if I quit the rivers and lakes, and every day to sleep to sleep naturally wake up, never about third days of things, everything only about today and tomorrow, because too tired. So for three or four years, until the age of 40 to enter the age of 40, suddenly one day I think people can’t live for a lifetime, but also a kind of pursuit and dream, in case of realization of


my dream is a bit exaggerated, is to change the image of Chinese products in the minds of ordinary people, so that people use high-quality products. In my eyes, the overall appearance of domestic products is poor, poor quality, the price is too expensive. But Americans are six times more expensive than we are, and we have only half the price of everything, and the quality is good and safe.

in 2010, when my financial freedom, a lot of ideas can be done, I do this background millet. I did the Internet after looking back, I think Internet plus applications in traditional industries, the core is two points: one is the user experience, two is to enhance the efficiency of the use of information technology.

efficiency is a big problem. May be a lot of people want to say that this has nothing to do with efficiency, we do a good job on the line, in fact, this is behind the efficiency.

take the shirt, shirt like any department stores less than 400 no? I know a little about the best shirt shirt industry, manufacturing cost 125 dollars, the difference is 15 dollars, the difference is a little short, short sleeves below a certain point, a pull on the fall off.

why do we have to do 125 of the 15 to do it because he got the store are sold for $400, only 125 of the shirt to earn about three times, count the channels and the cost of sales is not enough. But the shirt is set at 10 times the rate of calculation, it can only forced him to do a few dollars a shirt to do 40.

there is such a problem that we call business ethics, and I think there is no moral criticism

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