The first thing you need to know about these 10 things

now want to start a lot of friends, if you do not want to start your own business in the end, then you have to understand the necessary conditions before starting a business. No matter where you want to start a business, you must first know the following 10 things.

1.  "you have to learn something about management, if you want to succeed, it is necessary." Ron  Conway;   SV  Angel angel investment company

Ron  Conway believes that entrepreneurial ideas and impulses are intrinsic. But a lot of skills, such as management, recruitment, and so on, is the need to learn. Many entrepreneurs think they are entrepreneurs, so you must already know a lot about management knowledge, but in fact, the management is a need to learn the skills, the founders in this area requires a lot of guidance.

2.  "as an investor I have to admit that it is difficult to predict the success and failure of the project." Ron  Conway;   SV  Angel angel investment company

3. : "you have to be attached to the ‘why’ in your mind without having to worry about how to achieve it." Danae  Ringelmann,   public website Indiegogo

Ringelmann think entrepreneurs should clearly understand why they do this thing now. For example, she wanted to invest, then she used the Internet, and created the Indiegogo, because it is the most convenient to achieve this goal. Ringelmann is very clear about his goals, but he doesn’t care about the specific way. In other words, the founders need to be tolerant of various methods.

4.  "all the people don’t think about what I should do next

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