Snack shop tone must pay attention to shop

many friends want to open a snack shop, shop, shop decoration, and the color of the snack bar is the most time to consider the problem of decoration. Choose the right color can be invisible for you to bring more income, and now we look at what is the color of the snack bar.

color from the perspective of psychology, the warm tone color suitable for food use, such as red, orange and yellow, can give people a warm feeling, and can enhance the appetite of people in a certain extent. If you have a heart, you can be observed in some of the more attention to this restaurant, red tone of a class can stimulate people’s appetite, and further promote the desire to buy snacks.

If love itself is not too bright colors, you can choose to clean the wood color, with some warm colors, try to restore the snack packaging of the color, highlighting the presence of snacks. Let a person look at the packaging is exquisite, colorful snacks candy, into the store will be able to go straight to the theme: choose their favorite snacks. This is also a very good choice.

In fact, the indirect

the choice of colours is to understand the customer’s consumption psychology, vivid color and avoid large area and too slow cold color decoration, too strong or too dull tone will be people from the reasonable collocation, appropriate tone, is the key to the snack shop decoration.

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