Northeastern University thesis innovation and entrepreneurship education excellent essay Award

China’s innovation and entrepreneurship Express has been launched, and achieved initial success. But in theory, there is no complete system. With the continuous development of innovative education in Colleges and universities, the paper of innovation and entrepreneurship education is gradually increasing, which lays the foundation for innovation education in our country.

by teachers’ personal declaration, recommendation of the expert review, "China HowNet" academic misconduct literature detection, Liaoning education and research network publicity, according to the Institute of higher education in Liaoning province and Liaoning province occupation technology education society "on the recognition of" innovation education "the excellent decision" (Liaoning Tongzi No. [2015]19 and high church Liaoning Vocational Institute of word [2015]9), approved by our six papers selected "innovation education" outstanding essay, the first prize, two prize, third-prize two articles, the winners are as follows:

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