Zhigaodian a customer how to protect the trademark is reliable

into the Internet era, almost all offline activities will be implemented on the internet. In recent years, the development of the Internet is also a relatively rapid development of a group, but also the most rapid and convenient business model. For the public to create a passenger, whether it is self-employed, or join the entrepreneurial team, how to do a good job, including the protection of trademarks, including various types of brands and intellectual property protection, it is particularly important.


knowledge production era: redefining the role of trademarks

in the company’s brand operation, the relationship between the brand and trademark, legal protection to protect the brand by the trademark rights. The trademark is embodied in law in the form of brand trademark, the importance of this remarkable. Although the trademark is so important, but the basic knowledge about trademark registration is the most easily overlooked. The reasons are: first, the awareness of trademark protection is weak; the two is the company’s intellectual property development strategy can not keep up with the pace of business, in the event of trademark infringement, it is difficult to protect their own interests. For example, from drops from 115 to WeChat, SkyDrive to the cloud, and many other fields of trademark disputes, have proved this point. Exposed more and more defects in the traditional trademark protection strategy, which have caused the operators warning.


brand crisis management, early intervention and better

is a trademark registered trademark rights, including the right to exclusive use of registered trademarks, forbidden right, transfer right, license and right of renewal. On the "challenge", according to "trademark law" in article thirty-third, the preliminary approval of the trademark notice, within three months from the date of the announcement, the priority obligee and interested parties, can raise an objection to the trademark office.

most of the projects are creating "light", which is one of the main competitive makers, and trademarks are the intellectual property of the company the main part, ignore the trademark gives up an important competitiveness.

alone is not a good way to passive defense, because someone may give you the heiqiang behind. If a customer is not the trademark law enforcement, competitors and you use the same brand, you will find that the rights will be very difficult. The correct way is to find some special trademark trust one-stop platform for the enterprise, they will help you to early warning, in the existing trademark management rights and other objections, to provide personalized service, enter the trademark after hosting, when people use this registered trademark brand, can place the monitoring, rapid response, the lowest right / cost of rights.


it is understood that the Zhigaodian in trademark hosting services, the integration of brand resources, light management, anti revocation, promoting trade, and value-added, to create customer groups liberated in trademark in crisis management. The core assets of the Internet is the technology, concepts, models, intellectual property rights. The company grew slowly, have access to A round, B round limelight

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