How to improve the visibility of online business

store business, many businesses do not stop to send some small ads, some part-time staff recruitment propaganda, so as to improve their visibility, so if there is a network business, and how to provide visibility? After all, the increased visibility, will make your business faster development!

When troubles many college students for jobs in question, the students of Heilongjiang University in Hong he has to rely on the wisdom of feeding themselves. She opened a shop to achieve the goal of a few million yuan a year revenue. She said, many students have said their lack of venture capital, in fact sometimes brain teasers, can solve some obstacles in the way; and, as a college student, with many others do not have wisdom and resources, realize the independent life possible.

but not all open shop to make money, in the end what methods to shop to have such a high visibility? This is a lot of people ask hung crane problem. Hung said, in fact, there is no trick, the network is the best platform, the major forums can be used to promote, but also do not spend a penny.

because of the professional, Hong He of the promotion of high sensitivity. In college students often browse the post bar, forums and web site advertising posts, is her way of publicity. Some forums will clean up the advertising posts, but hung crane rarely encounter this. After mixing these forums, many of the forum moderator is her buyers, but also in the forum for free publicity for her. In order to enrich their knowledge, he also took courses in the management of money, banking, finance and human resources.

Hong he not only use the Internet advertising, but also through the network to find more than 40 campus agent. In the dormitory where the crane lived, there is a student will be an online shop to sell sandals made albums, selling in the bedroom. Each sold a pair of shopkeepers to give a certain percentage.

Hong he said, campus agent the best understanding of their own school, and students also believe their classmates, so many people on the credibility of the shop will dispel doubts because of the students’ trust. This is not the cost of agents, so many students want to earn extra money like. This way you can learn to open shop.

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