The ten air fryer brand rankings

wants to make the kitchen really play a role in bringing more delicious diners, naturally also need a variety of cooking tools. Many of my friends love to eat fried food, but also afraid of high calorie mutilation of health, the air fryer can reduce fat weight, uniform heating, food taste class, after delicacy expert on diet allows you to enjoy the fun of delicacy. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten air fryer brand rankings.

air fryer ten brands list NO.1.PHILIPS (PHILPS in 1891 in Holland, the world-renowned multinational electronics brand, focus on quality of life and health care / Lighting in the field of large electronics company, Holland PHILPS company)

air fryer ten brands list NO.2. Joyoung (Joyoung began in 1994, pioneer, Soybean Milk machine industry of small household appliances industry influence brand health, kitchen appliances industry ten big brands, Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd)

air fryer ten brands list NO.3. Liven (Beijing famous trademarks, well-known domestic small household appliance production enterprises, engaged in research and development / production and sales, domestic small household electrical appliances Beijing Liven technology limited liability company)

air fryer ten brands list NO.4.LOCK& LOCK&LOCK LOCK (founded in 1978, the sealed container provider, the world famous brand and life box sealed container, the world’s best-selling LOCK&LOCK Shanghai Co. Ltd.)

air fryer ten brands list NO.5. HYUNDAI (modern fruit and vegetable machine brands, professional production of various kinds of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine / fryer / electric steamer and other life small household electrical appliance enterprises, in the domestic industry has a large influence on


air fryer ten brand ranking NO.6. Royalstar small appliances (founded in 2004, the leading domestic smart appliances / environment / health appliances household appliances production base, home appliances as the leading, Hefei Royalstar small appliances Co. Ltd.)

air fryer ten brands list NO.7. Tredy (chuangdi electric pressure cooker industry standard drafting unit, the domestic large scale professional production base of electric pressure cooker, Guangdong tredy Electric Co. Ltd)

air fryer ten brands list NO.8.SKG (Guangdong province famous trademark, the global Internet appliance company, multinational business network influential creative brands of small appliances, Guangdong Ash Cage Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.)

air fryer ten brands list NO.9. (SUPOR SUPOR% >

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