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the areola is not actually a explicit Bimei weapon, but may let women fall into myth. Many women, in addition to a strong chest, even the areola color is also more and more requirements, many women fear the areola color is too deep, not pink and lose confidence. Then, use the cream really pink areola


positive solutions: cream like color lipstick, short effect.

cream on the market many items, demands can be white, pink areola, however, experts said the cream is actually a lipstick color as a gimmick, belongs to a kind of pigment, formula of citric acid made the pH value of about 3~4 acidity in this environment will appear colorless, when applied to the skin. Because the skin pH value of about 5~6, as an indicator of the color principle, turn red.

experts pointed out that this pigment will be temporarily attached to the skin, the experiment found that about 5~7 days will slowly fade away, the so-called effective, mostly cosmetic effect, if too frequent to daub, areola color will not appear natural, such as peach red, not good-looking. However, there are also manufacturers will add in the formulation of arbutin, vitamin C and whitening agent now, because the pigment obviously avoid cleaning off.

experts pointed out that if the areola melanin deposition inhibition by serious, skin care products can not reduce melanin? The influence, is likely to recommend whitening treatment cream and collocation in order to maintain the effect.

associated with congenital skin areola color


positive solution: Yes, in addition, also affected by pregnancy, lactation, aging.

experts said that the color associated with congenital areola? Color, white pink areola comparison women like lip color, China. As the general maintenance of the skin when the areola pigmentation is too much, will appear dark and ugly, women can be in the range you can adjust the color, but if the areola fade? It must become a? Color, improper expectations but will make myself very hard.

areola gradually obvious with puberty, the skin is not easy to bask in the sun, why would black? The expert points out, the most common causes of areola black is pregnant, due to an increase in female hormones, the pigmentation and lactation; friction increase, thickening of the stratum corneum areola, also cause areola color variable depth.

third factors is aging, because the older, the more loss of collagen, the skin can not open, easy to produce many small wrinkles, visual effects, seems dull.

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