Junior high school male 1 years to make up the annual salary of 200 thousand hot pot Store Manager

in your mind, to successful people are highly educated people, in fact, is not the case, there are a lot of people education is not high, but very successful, 26 year old man Sun Lin, from Anhui Wuhu, after graduating from junior high school to work in the crowd. 2009 han to fight so far, the only junior high school educated workers, is a well-known Wuhan hot pot store manager, the annual salary of more than 20 yuan.

people crazy crazy catering industry

years ago, can not read the book, Sun Lin graduated from junior high school, they choose to go out to work in the world. At that time, Sun Lin’s father contracted aquaculture, annual income considerable. But the sun would not inherit his father, who loves where to drill Sun Lin is a typical "renlaifeng", when working in Nanjing, Sun Lin chose lively business catering, waiter, food, kitchen, he has done.

2009 Spring Festival, Sun Lin back home rest. Because did not earn any money, Sun Lin feel frustrated, coupled with cousin cousin have read the University, Sun Lin feel no face. Once the Spring Festival, he set out on his way to Wuhan, vowed to mix some tricks, he chose the restaurant, love the lively he likes this line.

2012 years, Sun Lin came to the newly opened Tang had hot pot shop, when the foreman, under the charge of six or seven waiters. At that time the new Tang has been Renqibuwang, serious loss of the waiter. Sun Lin will pay for their own singing and dancing, but still did not retain people. Good business, good income is the last word, Sun Lin understand this rationale.

year March to August, Sun Lin with more than and 20 attendants out of the restaurant, took to the streets of Wuhan to find guests. At first he took to the streets, into the community, volunteers turned the streets. A month’s time, Sun Lin and urban management, community workers mixed cooked, he dared to come up with a business card publicity, at least people will not resent us now".


is to sweep the office. Think of a way to bypass the security of this hurdle, Sun Lin with a companion crustily skin of a household door, self introduction. Hard work pays off, two months later, Sun Lin in the store to see a familiar face, he greeted up. "I was very grateful to him," he said, referring to our propaganda." "There is no free time" world, Sun Lin agrees that such a sentence. He soon found that as he took to the streets to find the guests of the waiter, the service is more proactive.

always solve problems to convince people

2013 in June, Sun Lin was elected to the high fruit lake store manager, annual salary of more than 20 yuan. More than 60 employees in this store, there are nearly 40 college students, including undergraduate students of 7. A junior high school students how to "Ho recommended

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