What are the best way to run a supermarket

no matter what kind of business you choose to do, in fact, there are a lot of knowledge, if we can grasp more knowledge, no doubt can make the business get better development. While the retail business is a science, many shopkeepers have their own unique skills, these skills are their many years of hard work and efforts in the accumulation of wealth, sometimes he suffered a painful lesson, pay a certain price to get, so they don’t want to talk to others easily. However, today I want to talk to you about their own supermarket operators coup, it is because of these coup, my supermarket can operate very well.

taste before you buy what

in order to prove the quality of our goods to the customer, I posted a "try before you buy what" notices, mainly for food, the customer only tasted that good and bad, decided to buy or not to buy. In order to facilitate the customer to taste, I set up a taste in the supermarket corner, where there are tables and chairs, customers can sit and taste. Usually after a person tasted, other customers simply do not have to taste, and then have to buy.

in addition, I also recommend the use of this method of cigarettes, because each cigarette has its own tastes and characteristics, customer needs are not the same. Once, our new brand market, in order to attract customers, I opened the box in the corner of a few experience, really have to taste the move by the customer, so that customers have zero distance feeling, experiential shopping is their favorite. In this way, my cigarette sales are also very good, this is my magic to attract customers.

bundling sales business Hing

as a shopkeeper must understand and understand the characteristics of nearby residents in order to take some effective measures and strategies. Over the years, I have changed a few areas, but every time, I will be careful to understand the local customer situation, to develop a different sales program. I used to open a supermarket in the vicinity of a construction site, taking into account the life of migrant workers is relatively tight, love the affordable and inexpensive goods.

so I will be a number of goods and some slow-moving goods were bundled, so as to achieve a win-win situation. For some time, those migrant workers in particular like to buy cigarettes in Taishan, I will be slow to sell toothpaste and other supplies were bundled, of course, the price will be much cheaper than before after bundling, customers have to buy after seeing. In the order of goods, I focus more on the practical and low price of goods, I use the hot selling goods to buy a gift, and ultimately achieved a breakthrough.

good neighborhood relationship is very important

As the saying goes, a distant relative is not as good as a near neighbour, so it is true that, in addition to helping each other, neighbors can also interact with each other. Next door to us is a restaurant

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