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cold to harm — breast pain

women into sexual excitement when the breast increased congestion, reach orgasm, breast than usual increase of 1/4, get sexual satisfaction, breast congestion subside restitution, this process is generally 15-30 minutes.

has a normal sexual life of women, breast congestion, swelling and regression of cyclical changes, is conducive to promoting blood circulation within the breast. The sexual frigidity has long been suppressed, was not satisfied, so that the breast congestion and swelling is not easy to fade or disappeared completely, the persistent swelling make breast distending pain.

cold on the harm of the breast lobular hyperplasia

lobular hyperplasia of the breast, also known as breast hyperplasia, is the most common breast disease in women, accounting for 60% of all breast diseases, more than 35-45 years old, a small number of patients can be converted to breast cancer.

study found that frigidity or sexual disharmony is an important predisposing factor for breast lobular hyperplasia. The reason is that adverse mental stimulation leads to depression, anxiety and loneliness is lobular hyperplasia of the "catalyst" and the sex psychological long-term in the inhibitory state, resulting in endocrine disorders and lack of regulation in the course of time, it is easy to induce breast lobular hyperplasia.

The harm of

frigidity to breast cancer

data show that in patients with breast cancer, the age of unmarried, widowed function is low, the proportion of females was significantly higher than other groups, which means that there is no normal sexual life or frigidity in women with breast cancer risk increased significantly, while long-term depression in women prone to sex, these people are the high-risk population breast cancer.

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