nvestment in the three major advantages of subway tea

do not know if you have any impression on the subway milk tea shop, pay attention to the small series, but said in the subway next to the open which a tea shop, but the subway brand tea shop. You don’t know if you look carefully at the Xiaobian introduce! The Liuzhou underground railway Catering Management Company Limited is located in Guangxi, Liuzhou, Hongkong province by Carle. Mr. Xie was formally incorporated in 2007, specializing in leisure catering management chain, Guangxi is the first franchise chain. To January 2016 has opened 169 stores in nearly 2200 cities in the country’s 28 provinces, but also with many of the world’s top 500 food companies to establish a long-term strategic partnership.

investment subway tea three major advantages:

product advantages:

1, a powerful product exclusive R & D team

2, high-grade, parity of the characteristics of the product

3, raw materials from more than 10 countries, the vast majority of the industry’s most classified TOP brand, mostly used in the four or five star hotel

service advantage:

1, professional staff to assist in the investigation of the local market and business district, to join the business to invest in a good first pass

2, to provide a full range of decoration design, designated by the company’s professional decoration company decoration or supervision of the store

3, provide professional training, store management, promotion, publicity and training and product knowledge training

4, to assist in the development of business plan, professional supervisors to support

5, timely feedback to the franchisee to sort out the problem, deal with

business advantage:

1, franchise, unified image, unified management

2, high quality products continue to launch new products according to market demand, to ensure sustainable development

3, the system joined the training management, the owners do not need to do business experience

4, the whole tracking service, so that you detours, reduce self risk

5, unified distribution, give you full confidence

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