The first step is to start from the 0 to 1 process

many people are dreaming of a business can immediately live the life of a billionaire, but actually venture initially is a depletion of assets, so there are only homes, start-up funding is essential.

A, personal assets from 0 to -1

when I graduated from college in 2010, 4 years to pay the tuition fee, hand less than 100 thousand dollars, mainly during the reading of wages, bonuses and other savings and scholarship competition. According to the situation at the time, if I can continue to stay in the workplace to wait for a promotion or raise, it may not be a few years, it will lead a well-off life. But the fact is, I cannot tolerate live that day in and day out, think of their own after all not ordinary people (what common entrepreneurs), and then determined to resign entrepreneurship.

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