360 to encourage employees to start the business of Zhou Hongyi personally funded shares of 10%

if employees are going to start a business, for those large enterprises, will not have a negative impact? Actually otherwise. Encouraging internal entrepreneurship is a new way of development. Zhou Hongyi personally took 10% shares to find partners to encourage entrepreneurship.

1 on Sept. 27 news, yesterday at the Qihoo 360’s annual meeting, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi announced that the company decided to come up with 10% of the shares from the individual shares in search of partners, rewards become technical backbone, partner’s core members, 360 employees to encourage internal entrepreneurship.

According to the

360 do not O2O  always a security company

first, to the enterprise safety from personal security, social security and even national security, to tell the user security is not simply equated with antivirus. To protect the larger network from hackers, not being attacked by other countries. To protect the future of the social foundation of the operating platform on the Internet to operate in an orderly manner.

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