Cool ice cream ice cream

why ice cream to join the project must choose cool bar off, because it is founded in 2006 in Guangzhou cool Pakistan – Catering Management Services Ltd. is a set of dining, investment, management, research and development, sales of large-scale catering management company limited. The company has system management system and strong financial strength, and again on 2007 incorporated the product source Industrial Machinery Co. Ltd., the registered capital of a total of up to 15 million yuan, covers an area of more than 5 thousand square meters and the completion of the training base, is the industry’s development, super scale, super fast potential ice cream manufacturers, operators taking. PreGel group was established in 1967, passed on the ancient Italian ice cream production process in sixteenth Century, is the world’s largest provider of Italian ice cream raw materials and technology, has a long history, world-famous.

cool guest since 2007 with the PreGel group has maintained a happy long-term cooperative relationship and fast order exchanges, and successfully achieved the PreGel personalized ingredients cooperation. In 2009, the sweet love of both sides of China and the United States finally bear fruit, combined with the Italy pure formula and the huge Chinese market, a strong brand of ice cream – cool passenger was born. So how to join this brand?

cool ice cream to join the details of

join conditions:

1, to have integrity, hard-working, positive, happy outlook on life;

2, the need for employees to join the cause of sustainable business objectives;

3, at least 18 years of age, men and women do not, good health, good reputation in the local;

4, how much money to do so many things, pragmatic business concept of entrepreneurship;

5, need to accept the headquarters of the Department of education and training, and the courage to face the challenge of self ability and execution;

join advantage:

advantage 1, cool Ba ice cream headquarters has a convenient cargo system, so that all businesses can enjoy the most convenient and safe logistics services from the headquarters procurement sources. At the same time, the implementation of the regional protection policies, more able to ensure that all businesses a wide range of profit margins. The cool Pakistan in the country nearly 60 large and medium cities in the service shop, it is timely to join the business equipment maintenance, so that the franchisee to operate more smoothly, no worries.

The advantage of

2, Pakistan cool off the headquarters to provide free business advisory services for the franchisee, allowing them to fight, to avoid the unnecessary.

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