What are the tricks of customer retention

is a very important point for any store management. However, now all walks of life are very fierce competition, the shops are competing for customers, so if you want to retain customers, naturally also need to master a certain tricks. So, what are the tricks to retain customers?

attract old customers at the same time, be sure to keep them at a reasonable price, warm service. The price is reasonable, we are required to strengthen the investigation, especially to strengthen the investigation of the commodity prices in the neighboring shops. The same kind of goods, when the old customers to buy, must not be higher than the price of other retail stores, if necessary, can give some small gifts to show our sincerity to the old customers. Of course, the cigarette must be in accordance with the provisions of the tobacco companies, blatantly sales.

service enthusiasm, that is, when we receive the old customers, like relatives and friends, both warm and polite, but also a kind of natural, so that they feel a special kind of feeling. So they can relax when shopping. Reception of the old customers, but also pay attention to their different preferences, appropriate recommendation, patient communication, so as to y understand their actual needs, in order to enhance the feelings of the old customers into old friends.

of new customers with the "cotton" trick. For most customers, on the basis of the same product quality and service quality, the price of goods which is fair and affordable, you can get more attention. Therefore, some people say the most retail stores to attract new customers is the price tactics. But the same commodity, if the price is lower than other stores, it is not only not much profit, but also easily lead to vicious competition in the market, in the end who is difficult to profit. In particular, cigarettes, but also can not price sales.

how to do? We can work on the price of other goods. In order to attract new customers with the price, we can take the "prize sales", that is, as long as the customer to buy the specified goods, to reach a certain amount or amount, there are different gifts. This new customer carey calculated and found that the overall price of the purchase of goods may be more affordable, so they recognized our shop.

in the face of new customers, but also to learn to use a "close" approach to retain them. For example, by asking the customer’s unit or address, etc., to see if there are any relatives and friends, and then the name of friends and relatives to pull the relationship. It is possible to close and new customers in a relatively short period of time within, new customers increase trust and intimacy, which is "to store" to "shop to buy".

in addition, in the reception of new customers, as far as possible in a short and concise language, the characteristics of the goods, store information accurately to introduce them, give them a deep impression, perhaps the next purchase demand, your shop will become.

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