Guangzhou venture guarantee loans will soon restart

for many entrepreneurs who, in the early process of entrepreneurship, venture capital raising and a very important thing, only with some aspects of the financial security, the majority of entrepreneurs who can feel at ease to entrepreneurship.

"stop" for more than a year in Guangzhou (Entrepreneurship) small loans quickly restart. Yesterday, the Guangzhou municipal government executive meeting examined and approved in principle "on the increase of my small (Entrepreneurship) from" issues related to credit guarantee fund, by the unemployment insurance fund of venture loan guarantee fund 150 million yuan, coupled with the current business loan guarantee fund 50 million yuan, but the total size of insurance funds will reach 200 million yuan, divided into two stages in place. Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and the relevant responsible person said, Guangzhou small (venture) secured loan business will soon be able to restart, procedures will be simplified.

compensatory rate super cordon loans were "suspended"

in April 27th this year, the State Council promulgated the "opinions" on further improving the employment work under the new situation, the "small loans" to "business loans, adjusted the maximum amount of the loan. In July, Guangzhou introduced policies "on the issuance of Guangzhou venture loans management notice", the personal business loans capped amount increased from 100 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan; the loan object expanded from the personnel and employment difficulties of college graduates graduation year to the city and urban and rural household workers in accordance with provisions of the scope of college graduates; the original Laoba district will expand to Panyu, Huadu, Conghua and Zengcheng district are included in the scope of services.

to domicile Street (town) public employment service agencies to apply for

"small loans was 30 thousand yuan, later increased to 80 thousand yuan, has recently risen to 100 thousand yuan this year, efforts to increase to 200 thousand yuan, but for a long period of time is 30 thousand yuan, the loan amount is relatively small, the application procedure is more." Guangzhou city human resources and Social Security Bureau inspector Zhong Liying said, according to the July introduction of the measures, procedures will be simplified, expected to attract more people to apply, "now increases the amount (guarantee), all the formalities, (small loans) will soon restart."

she introduced, such as the need to apply business loan personnel can to domicile Street (town) to apply for public employment service agencies, college graduates should go to college graduates employment guidance center for.

the unemployment insurance fund of small loan guarantee fund 150 million


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