What is the advantage of joining Maisha Thys bakery

Dongguan China a famous city, industrial production developed, is a populous and good location. Of course, entrepreneurship is a good city to get rich. Dongguan, also known as the "city", is located in the east coast of the Pearl River Estuary, Guangdong "four tigers", known as the "world factory", the International Garden City, national civilized city, the National Basketball City, Guangdong is an important transportation hub and foreign trade port, is the country’s 5 county-level cities of not. Dongguan is a historical and cultural city of Guangdong, has 1700 years of history of the county, dating back 1700 years ago in the Three Kingdoms period of the county building, is an important birthplace of South of the Five Ridges civilization, opening and reform and opening Chinese of modern history the first place. Bread is also very popular here, then the bread shop in Dongguan to join what good? Small series to recommend to you today, Thys.

what are the advantages of Maisha Thys bakery? The main points are as follows:

a, project advantages

Maisha Thys uphold the common management, benefit sharing concept, lay a good foundation to * * brand advantage, quality training, perfect management system and rich experience for investment managers, greatly reduce the risk of investors. We will always be honest, highly conscious spirit to carry out in the end, with you to create a win-win business chain.

two, project support:

1, visit the store, visit the franchise, free tasting products.

2, professional free site to assist in the selection and evaluation.

3, free of charge to provide the core of the 3-20 day store operations management system training.

4, to provide standardized service store, product production technology training.

5, depending on the specific situation of the humanities and business district, to determine the overall renovation shop program.

6, the free design of the store wall image painting, menu light box, image window stickers, posters, POP and other advertising materials.

7, providing store decoration construction guidance, including store design, construction, on-site supervision, equipment installation, etc..

three, join advantage

1, management advantages: the operation mode is mature, the management standard.

in order to better expand the company’s business, the company has built an advanced, scientific chain management model, with a sound management system, management norms easy to master. The company has a mature and unique brand operation and market management model for the investor section

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