An ice shop intern entrepreneurial path from the driver to the shop

life is always in the face of all kinds of opportunities, to see if you can find, can grasp. This may be Derek · the most satisfying practice that has been obtained by Taylor. In 2008, he became a Kentucky ice chain Kona  Ice driver.

Q: how much is the salary of the internship

A: I was the company’s first intern, so when I started, they are still continuing to intern program. Now I know, only two summer intern in the company, you can get a $8000 Kona  Ice ice car. I was paid about $4000 a year. During the internship, I can pay all expenses of the assets I franchise, the rest of the money I went to his car on the ice.

Q: why do this, not in the construction industry to find a job?

A: a few years ago I decided to continue to engage in Kona  after graduation; Ice work. I am only 24 years old, have a lot of friends, they did not start their own business, or looking for a job, or busy to call the bank. They don’t have a chance to take control of their careers. Kona  Ice this is what attracted me, it gave me the opportunity to pursue personal goals and aspirations.

Q: it is not to say that you are on the ice very strong dedication?

A: from this point of view, I spent the summer of two trucks full of passengers, and I think I can support 5 cars in the car, Evans, ice. I think we can get into the Convention Center and the baseball field and the zoo. I think of Kona  Ice as a springboard for my future, and it’s helping me for later

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