How to join Sam Burger

food and beverage market in different types of endless, each of which has its own brand characteristics, today we would like to recommend is a good burger franchise brand – Sam hamburg. Sam constantly meet the tastes of Chinese consumers, more abundant more than 100 kinds of delicious food, and constantly updated. Sam, I hope we can meet all your requirements of delicacy, also hope you can find pleasure in delicacy, is committed to continuously for you to create a more creative delicacy experience, Sam is the pursuit of the goal, is our responsibility, it is developing very fast, so the mountain James Hamburg to join?

how to join Sam burger

Sam Hamburg franchise conditions:

1, love food and beverage industry

2, with entrepreneurial passion and investment enthusiasm

3, with brand awareness and management ability

4, can accept the company headquarters business philosophy and service specification

5, with good business reputation

6, willing to accept the management and supervision of the headquarters.

Sam Hamburg join process:

1, put forward the intention to join

2, to understand the process of joining

3, meet and visit

4, through the audit to join

5, site selection and evaluation

6, the overall store design

7, signed a cooperation agreement

8, develop business plan

9, handle license

10, store decoration

11, acquisition equipment

12, officially opened


above is the Sam burger burger joined the process and join conditions of course, if you’re interested to join the brand, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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