Datong County in the first three quarters of key projects progressing smoothly

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to establish a grasping investment, grasping the project consciousness, extensive investment, and actively seek national construction funds, the project achieved remarkable results. At the end of September, the county has opened 183 projects, completed 44 projects, operating rate of 94.8%, a total investment of 2 billion 529 million yuan.

it is understood that this year plans to invest a total of 193 investment projects, plans to invest $4 billion 300 million. Among them, China Aluminum Limited by Share Ltd Qinghai branch 3× 350MW supercritical thermal power projects, with a total area of 42 hectares, the annual generating capacity of 6 billion 500 million kwh, the annual output value of 2 billion 200 million yuan. As of now, land acquisition, research and other preparatory work completed, the project is submitted to the national development and Reform Commission approval; daily processing 1 million cubic meters of natural gas liquefaction project, has been approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission project feasibility assessment, the project land requisition and red line work has been completed, service design institutes layout work; a total investment of 47 million the Datong County national modern agriculture demonstration area construction projects, has completed an investment of 45 million 120 thousand yuan, 700 building insulation quilt of winter greenhouse and greenhouse demonstration and application of 220 thousand square meters has been completed, the quality and efficiency of transformation of greenhouse 200 and greenhouse demonstration households 4 are set up, all material subsidies in place, work in order to nursery.

this year, the province issued the agricultural infrastructure construction task of 3000 buildings, the introduction of three investment companies were built in Datong jindawei agricultural demonstration base facilities, modern agriculture demonstration base and Datong boom-fung edible fungus production base. Up to now, has completed the construction of 3000 greenhouse walls, steel welding of the 2400 buildings, greenhouses have been completed buckle shed work in 1040.

in Datong County of Beichuan River flood control comprehensive control project, as of now, investment 37 million 513 thousand and 100 yuan to complete the foundation of flood embankment excavation 17404 meters, masonry wall masonry dam 15705 meters of flood control, river dredging, road 3520 meters 5558 meters; 2166 sets of affordable housing has been the Ministry of construction, the national and provincial special 89 million 270 thousand yuan the funds have been put in place, the county matching funds 3 million 900 thousand yuan and the county government financing platform loans 117 million yuan has been put in place. (author: Su Jianping)

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