CNR praised the host race around the lake

Every year the lake race, attracted from all walks of life around the world audience, they use different perspectives, different attitude to spectators, and bring them around the race is often shocking.

said that if CCTV sports channel is the Li Wujun Lake Race of old friends, then the Central People’s Broadcasting Station "China sound" host Fang Liang is a new friend, contact with the lake race within a few days, the Lake Race left a deep impression on Fang Liang.

as a regular participation in sports reports of the host, Fang Liang attention to race around the lake has been for many years, because no matter from the events of the influence or brand awareness, he already knew about the tour of Qinghai Lake, and the lake race is full of expectations.

fortunately, Fang Liang use vacation time, during this lake race as spectators came to Qinghai. He said, through the intuitive feelings of the first few stages, found around the race is a very mature brand, whether it is the event organization, media operation, logistics…… After years of Lake race held, has been successfully explored a set of their own is also consistent with the international trend of the mode of operation, and self growth, to explore a new mode of economy owes the developed area to organize large-scale events, this experience is worth promoting.


came to Qinghai, I heard my friends tell a story, when the race team in the lake after passing, some herdsmen spontaneously riding a horse, holding the flag, followed by riding the runners run together. At that time, he also wanted to, there is also not factors of mass organizations, the lake games found along the masses of enthusiasm for the race around the lake is far beyond the imagination, everywhere, everyone is talking about the relevant circumstances about the lake race, race around the lake, and also feel this the events of the charm and status in the eyes of the masses. At the same time, Fang Liang through their own interviews found, including the herdsmen, Lake Race to bring you is not only a holiday, also contains more business opportunities, bring tourists, bring the income, and these are green, environmental protection, consistent with the masses to build a green home wish.

as a cover many large-scale events sports media, Fang Liang felt that the lake race after years of development, has become an international brand, but the first is a brand belonging to the people of Qinghai, during the game, if the design is more audience participation experience, and even the amateur stage, perhaps to better meet the needs of the people, let more people around the race.


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