Xining should develop rail transit for urban governance

with the increasing number of motor vehicles, road traffic pressure in Xining has gradually increased, the traffic jam problem has become an urgent problem to be solved. In Xining, the two sessions, the CPPCC member Zhao Yonggui for Xining’s traffic jam issue prescription, Xining should vigorously develop urban rail transit.

city rail transit system has large volume, high speed, safety, punctuality, protect the environment and save energy, at present, many domestic city has been the development of city rail traffic as a fundamental way to solve city traffic problems. The urban rail transit than the construction of the subway, there is no need in the cost of civil construction, construction speed, with the development of urban mobile and other advantages. Therefore, for Xining, the development of urban rail transit is a feasible way. (author: Wu Yachun)

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