Real creative activities to benefit the Central District

held a square dance, organizing the youth "flash" hip-hop, carry out the comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation activities…… Create a civilized city, for civilized units, civilized citizens, the city up and down the enthusiasm. In order to enable the public to get real benefits, the city district through a variety of creative activities and the real city of creating details, and strive to create a city to create a platform for the benefit of the people. In April 27th, the city area of the city focused on the activities of the start, through a number of people loved the recreational activities and volunteer activities to promote the creation of city work, enrich the lives of the people, can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

out of a city plaza ballroom jingqishen

and light music, the morning of April 27th, the big stage people Plaza ballroom dance enthusiasts gathered in the central square, staged a "new youth movement · highlight the new style of workers" Plaza ballroom dancing, applause. One to encourage the national fitness, the construction of the beautiful city of central tornado is blowing up.

is the grand Chongqing wishes to "51" labor day, further mobilize the city areas of young cadres and workers to actively participate in the healthy sports activities to build the city district youth workers show style platform, Chengzhong District Federation of trade unions, the Communist Youth League in the city district jointly held to celebrate "51", "54" square dance activities.

did not expect so many people to sign up for." Union City District first vice president Li Liping told reporters that their starting point is to start for the love of ballroom dancing workers to build a platform, did not think the game is unusually hot, because the number of participants is too much, they can only add a temporary decision preliminaries. 118 people after the heats of intense competition, and ultimately, the group of 48 due to the outstanding performance of the stage for the final promotion of the final 24.

in the game, contestants love dance, the crowd of people more and more, looking ahead, the huge central square has been surrounded in the three layer, the three layer is surrounded by the audience. Reporters noticed, with beautiful music, a lot of people just selfishly jumped up, and like the players into focus. Citizen surnamed Zhang said, square culture to bring the vitality of youth, they often come here, even if not jump, watching others jump, listen to the music and also happy. After fierce competition, the people’s street offices and street offices "comity team won the event champion.

Plaza ballroom hosted, sing the "glorious work of creating great ·" the main theme of the times, to further show the City District workers and the masses of colorful cultural life and good spirit,;

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