Xining Local Taxation Bureau to carry out invoices with souvenirs

has 3452 consumers for souvenirs

not only can get the invoice scraping award, participate in the two draw, but also for souvenirs. Recently, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau to enhance the enthusiasm of consumers to regulate the use of invoices and invoices for taxpayers, from April 1st within the city to carry out the invoice by souvenir activities, as of April 13th, there are 3452 people in exchange for souvenirs.

do not invoice discount, do not send gifts invoices, in the face of such a good policy proposed by the merchants, some consumers do not ask for reimbursement invoices. In fact, the existence of such businesses tax evasion suspects. For example, the consumption of 125 yuan in restaurants, in accordance with the minimum tax rate of tax rate of 5.5%, businesses need to pay tax of $6.8, but the merchant discount will be subtracted from 3 to $5.

consumers can rely on the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau system for sale and has been issued or used to participate in various types of local tax invoices to receive souvenirs activities, April 31st deadline. Participate in the activities of the invoice are fixed ticket, ticket, ticket plug drum three, involving Qinghai province quota special invoice (Guajiang invoice), Qinghai province quota special invoice, the service industry of Qinghai province entertainment culture and sports industry (scratch), Qinghai Province, the parking fee quota special invoice, invoice of transportation of Qinghai province the transport industry in Qinghai province and the taxi invoice quota of 10 categories of invoices. The district (county) Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service Hall the tax department staff will be through the use of speech recognition pen, registration code verification method for the identification of parameters one by one prize invoices, false invoices not in scope shall be confiscated after the discovery award.

at present, the first prize has been replaced by mobile phone consumers, which means that the public awareness of the gradual increase in the invoice. Activities left nearly four thousand gifts, I hope more people to participate." Xining Local Taxation Bureau, said the person in charge of the department.


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