Lake of Qinghai premiere in Xining yesterday

in July 27th, the famous Chinese film artist Qin Yi screenwriter and starring in the film "lake of Qinghai," held a premiere in Xining. The film tells the story of the plateau meteorological workers to do a good job in the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Railway meteorological support, in the Tibetan Plateau sway blood, selfless dedication of the moving story.
"Qinghai Lake" film is inspired by a true story: in June 1985, the Australian meteorological experts Edward Keith · · Beagle doctor, his wife (Robin, bird experts) to help the local meteorological bureau of Qinghai province to carry out artificial rainfall research project, Dr. Beagle line in the road traffic accident to bird island in Qinghai Lake, Robin the injury will stay in the lake due to Qinghai. In the film, Qin Yi the story background from the artificial rainfall had turned into the construction of the Qinghai railway, and depicts a female Engineer Mei Xinyi as a heroine in her memories of a 30 year long story series. The film by Qin Yi screenwriter, starring, director Mao Amin, Shen Xinghao, Tong Ruixin, Huang Hong and other film and television actor. For the

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