Six initiatives to accelerate the construction of innovative Qinghai

9 month 5 days, the reporter learned from the provincial housing department, since this year, our province in the science and technology innovation achievements, "four new" technology, smart city construction and achieved results, the formation of a standard system covering all aspects of economic and society in various fields of engineering construction, engineering, quality and safety guarantee in promoting industry the transformation and upgrading, strengthening ecological environment protection, promote economic quality and efficiency has played an important role. In the future, but also through six initiatives to accelerate the province’s innovative city construction.

to carry out scientific research in key areas, leading the construction of scientific and technological innovation. Organization of the provincial scientific research institutes and large enterprises, the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects more than 3, and actively strive for national research funding, some major technical problems of our province construction sector needed to carry out technical research, to enhance the construction of integrated technology innovation level.

improve the standard system of engineering construction, strengthen the implementation of standards to ensure the effective implementation of standards. Focus on the establishment of green building, ultra low energy consumption building, housing industrialization, building disaster prevention, safety related engineering construction standard system. To strengthen the process management of standard preparation, to ensure the advanced nature, adaptability and foresight.

with exquisite construction and green construction as the focus, to promote the construction of the technical level of the new upgrade. Strengthen the construction of enterprise technology centers, research and development of building technology related to industrialization, through research and development to promote the construction of enterprise technology innovation, enhance the level of refined construction.

to promote the development of construction industry. Residential construction as the focus, to carry out the pilot demonstration, to promote the industrialization of technology and product development and engineering applications, improve the level of building assembly and integration.

comprehensively promote the construction of smart city. In the field of urban and rural construction through the implementation of "digital Qinghai" and "broadband Qinghai" and "Internet plus" action plan, accelerate urban and rural construction in the field of economic structure optimization and industry upgrading. Basically completed the Golmud City, Guide County, the Republic of the smart city pilot construction, the new start of 2-3 smart city (county) of the pilot, the establishment of the province’s wisdom for the province to build a smart city model and evaluation system.

promote green building materials production and application. Building green building materials information system, building green building materials database and information collection and sharing system. The use of "Internet plus" and other information technology to build the public service system of green building materials, green building materials, the third party information release platform, release a green building evaluation criteria, pilot demonstration, popularization of knowledge of green building materials, and in the context of the use of green building materials, set off the upsurge.


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