2016 China Qinghai Lake highland open race in Republic

8 26, · 2016 China; Qinghai Lake plateau cross-country classic opening in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Republic, the opening ceremony, the masses of farmers and herdsmen performing "Guozhuang" and the car has attracted many people to come to watch the parade. The next 4 days, from all over the country’s more than and 200 motorcycles, car players will compete here.

this game adhering to the "development, green, harmony" theme, more than a hundred players on behalf of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the stunning debut. Events are located in the dragon in the desert, a Tara, two Tara three stages, the game will involve the terrain, desert pavement wall and the whole plateau, an average elevation of 3000 meters above the China automobile and motorcycle rally championship history the highest since the average altitude of substation. The event is organized by the professional team short track race, qualifying and the experience of the team through the game and qualifying venues, etc..

the game is held, in addition to offer a good game for the audience, while the Hainan rich ethnic customs and geographical characteristics of the delicacy products, tourism landscape and cultural resources through this event "window" one by one to show that the construction and development of sports and culture, tourism, city combine to promote Hainan sports industry development, broaden the cultural undertakings development has a positive role, has injected new vitality into the innovation of sports and tourism, culture and social undertakings development.


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