Moral model announced

September 20th is the Twelfth "moral awareness day", won awards announced the second Xining moral model 10 names on the morning of the people in the central square in the big stage at the "Houde Liufang, run on the plateau", announced at the same time and the second Xining moral model 22 award winners. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Gio de Maja and city leaders Wang Yubo, Su Rong, Zou Jiansheng, Li Jinqing, Wang Haihong, Zhang Yonghai attended the ceremony, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Wang Xiang Ming, full-time deputy director of the provincial Civilization Office also attended the ceremony to congratulate. The first Xining moral model and the newly elected second Xining moral model, the nomination award winners and more than a thousand people attended the award ceremony. The practice of socialist core values to further implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, widely publicized the "Outline" of civic moral construction and moral norms of Qinghai province "reader", and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, morality to create the civilization, improve the citizen moral quality, extensive mobilization of the community and the masses of the people active care, support and participation of citizen moral construction, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, city, civilization common in "citizen moral propaganda day organized by the second Xining moral model awards ceremony and the citizen moral awareness day activities. Heartshaking Moral Beauty Awards for "dedication" and "courageous" and "helping others", "filial love the old pro", "honest and trustworthy" 5 chapters, each chapter through video, speech, recitation, tribute award of medals and other forms of praise, the interpretation of the stunning beauty of morality, vivid display my city moral model deeds and lofty spirit. Dedicated model: Zhang Yong, Hou Xiuying award words: they have lofty ideals of the cause, advocating a great dedication. Love their work, diligent study, the courage to explore innovation, expertise in business expertise. Dedication, Anpinyuedao, comply with the occupation ethics, conduct impartial, meticulously for the public for the people. Long term due diligence, dedication, outstanding performance, great contribution. Win the trophy with reputation, Thanksgiving to the community, to support the dream and the cause of the building for the harmonious development of society. [rich, courageous and exemplary: Paul] resuscitating award words: they Linweibuju, awe-inspiring righteousness, stand up. Face to face a desperate contest with the criminals and illegal behavior, to defend the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, with the safety of blood to protect people’s lives and property, has the obligation to assist the Legal Affairs Department of chubaoanliang, good and evil, to brave and chivalrous spirit for justice, justice, promote social justice, to maintain local security, promote social stability impressed. The man who is a man! [helpfulness model: Qiu Falan, Zhang Jinbo] award words: they are not well-known, ordinary to Wei, with a burning love to ignite the warmth of the world, to convey the sense of conscience simple feelings. Get rid of the poor long-term care, help social fatherless orphans, to heal childhood trauma, let the sun warm heart disgraceful; teaching, cultivate about three feet;

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