Open restaurant tea tea with stress


is "tea" and related business, naturally involves the relevant tea and tea, only the relevant work all done, can they ensure the restaurant business is booming, a lot of money. So, to open a restaurant, tea tea is all about.

a restaurant to a table after the end of the customer in the south a little food, the waiter asked what the need for tea, tea, the customer named White tea. As a result of the restaurant guests to the north and the people around the main, most of them drink green tea or chrysanthemum tea, white tea, very few people point to. When the sun in the tea for the guests in accordance with the usual practice, first washed the tea again, and then joined the 70 degrees of boiling water began brewing.

after 5 minutes, the guests began to enjoy the sun came up with a pot of white tea. One of the guests had a drink, and could not help but spit out, and then called to the sun: "how can you drink the rest of the tea to drink?" Are you cheating?" The man looked puzzled and said: "I’m very sorry, but I can assure you, this is I just open the tea tea." Guests are still sure to say: "you think I’m a good lie, the new bubble of white tea is definitely not the taste of. This is obviously at least once soaked tea."

later, under komago absolutelybehave, called the manager, the manager asked in detail about the sun after tea. Then explained to the guests of the sun because there is no bubble tea, white tea in accordance with other tea brewing method to increase the process of a tea, resulting in misunderstanding of the guests. The manager himself in front of the guests to brew a pot, passengers no longer pursue.

Chinese tea culture and the Chinese nation has five thousand years of history. Tea culture is a concrete manifestation of Chinese culture. China known as a state of ceremonies said, tea culture connotation is through tea, tea, tea, tea often smell, tea habits and the cultural connotation of etiquette and the combination of a kind of cultural phenomenon with distinctive cultural characteristics Chinese a form, can be said to be a ritual Festival phenomenon. Tea as essential drinks all sizes of restaurants has become a custom, as the waiter of restaurant are related to tea and tea for the customer in service, so must learn etiquette and tea related.

today, tea is suitable for the old and young, all levels of consumption are love drink, but the tea varieties and brewing requirements there is a world of difference. Ordinary people are the water or drink tea as a substitute, do not pay attention to etiquette points, brewing tea. But for some more tea, elegant people, if the tea service meet the attendant unprofessional, likely unpleasant things such as the case.

as a restaurant waiter needs to master the tea

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