Nonsense poetry can fire Taobao in short supply

in the minds of the people, there is rhythm, there is the center of poetry is really good poetry, and now nonsense poetry popular, perhaps a lot of people say it is difficult to understand, and this is the market.

"black body" and fire. In 2012, the term first appeared on the network, causing users to have "nonsense verse" comment and parody, after a lively, silent. In November this year, a publisher released on black poetry anthology "black micro-blog: the sky baiyunzhen white ah" criticism, immediately attracted tens of thousands of forwarding, "black body" re entering the public eye, larger scale of parody generated in the network.

"popular black body" very surprised, involved in the "nonsense verse" debate many celebrities. "The only value of such a poem is to show that the author’s language has reached its limits." Liao Weitang, a Hongkong poet, said, "this is not an experiment or an avant-garde." Behind the Black poet Han Dong said: "black poetry reached corresponding with his body clean and pure limit."

Wuqing in Dali set up a stall selling rental in the city on the edge of the poem, a Youth Hostel, small hotel in the village is the village road maintenance, the door is noisy construction site, building internal wall and a poem like graffiti, "Wu Zhenyu is my idol forever" and "dreams never abandon the efforts of the people". In the afternoon, opposite the building of a youth is hard to practice and singing a song about Xu Wei, is preparing for the evening Chutan, Wuqing online spend three dollars to buy a "electronic version of" post modernist art pedigree.

black handwriting some of his poems in the Muji card paper, borrow a piece of cloth to the hostel owner, brother and six returned to the street stall selling poetry. Everyone’s reaction may be predictable, some people say, this is a poem?." Black said, people are willing to stop and read poetry, is very happy.

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