Wuhan duty officer advanced individual business column today launched

has encouraged in order to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, Wuhan has made a series of promoting people’s entrepreneurial work, "the duty officer advanced individual business column today launched, get a lot of friends to support, I believe it can get more people with entrepreneurial dreams.

"general business people will be respected, for full of positive energy transfer." The day before the meeting of the city’s performance management and appraisal of cadres work meeting, the municipal government commended ceremoniously cadres of 22 city. This news and the story of the advance of the individual through the media after the release, in the civil service, the public and users caused a warm response.

"recognition of the advanced cadres general business, can drive a large number of grass-roots civil servants better work for the people." Municipal Finance Bureau of the Treasury Department researcher Tang Jinshan said that the past few years is the year of reform and innovation in Wuhan, in the face of creating economic city people’s livelihood, three upgraded version of the task, the cadres should first set an example. Praise for the praise of these cadres, should be more publicity, in the city to create a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere.

The office management administrative service center:


willow spring 100001000, 13th Five-Year planning innovation tide." Netizen gray whale message, praised by the promotion! Let the real person general rewarding, respected and beloved! Wuhan needs such positive energy!" Netizen Liu Chan said, "to work on performance, the ability to see from the performance, with moral for cadres, party to clear direction of employment point of praise!"

also need to have entrepreneurial leaders, let more "Utopian entrepreneurs" can become "practitioners". Entrepreneurs as long as the courage to take the first step, closer to the dream. Wuhan this initiative to encourage entrepreneurship is of great significance.


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