The youth science and technology innovation contest officially launched in Wuhu

Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship has set off an upsurge of this, the country has also launched a number of similar help contest to guide youth entrepreneurship. At present the youth science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition has been officially launched, with the intention of young entrepreneurs now immediately entered the competition.

20 March

4, 2016 "qoros Cup" the youth science and technology innovation contest officially launched in Wuhu. With immediate effect, participants can log on the official website of the contest or concerned about the Wuhu Youth League, WeChat public number registration, registration deadline for June 30th.

according to the schedule, the four stage of the contest is divided into preliminaries, preliminary online registration, and focus on training and the semi-finals, finals, and opened Beijing, Guangzhou, Hefei, Wuhu four division and a straight channel, Hefei division rematch, hosted by the University of Science & Technology China and the HeFei University of Technology to the Communist Youth league.

is worth mentioning is that the contest will cooperate with Beijing entrepreneurs horse group, into the high-end professional entrepreneurship training resources, provide a tailored business counseling for all sectors of the entrepreneurs to enter the semi-finals. In a week of intensive training period, entrepreneurs will participate in entrepreneurship training, sharing, financing policy promotion, business reception unit such as many activities, and policy factors such as capital, carrier, full docking.

in order to help young people realize their business in Wuhu "there is room immediately, immediately, immediately the car company", this event is extremely lucrative prizes, including SUV Champion Award qoros cars 1, runner up award Tiggo 5 cars 1, third prize AI Ruize 5 cars 1.

in addition, the organizing committee will also evaluate the most potential award 3, award 30 thousand yuan and Chery QQev new energy car 1 years free right to use (project required before the end of the year in Wuhu); the evaluation of the most innovative award 4, award 20 thousand yuan; the other finalists will be awarded the project Memorial award.

according to reports, Wanjiang Youth Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition mainly for the Yangtze River Delta region, the main city in the central area and the surrounding universities young entrepreneurial team, through exploring and cultivating innovative technology development and technology application and other aspects of the project and events, office and housing funds, and a number of accurate key support.

in fact, Wanjiang Youth Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition held for 2 years, many projects have been participating in the investment. It is understood that the contest was held 2 years ago, has attracted a total of 1251 Youth Science and Technology entrepreneurial team of the young entrepreneurs to participate in the competition, covering more than 30 cities in the country’s 13 provinces, covering a wide range of investment projects more than 6954.

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