Pharmacy entrepreneurship should pay attention to what


store is more popular now, many people may not invest in pharmacies, but the store is an indispensable part in our life, take medicine to the pharmacy, if you want to open a pharmacy, to pay attention to what? How about pharmacy? Xiao Bian introduced.

first, entrepreneurial background

with the global financial crisis, the global economy has been in a new stage of recovery. The pharmacy business, throughout the financial crisis, his impact on the market and the influence of clever medicine is relatively small, therefore, the pharmaceutical market recovery period will be relatively short. A Weihai pharmaceutical market and related medical reform policies, the traditional price tactics will be gradually replaced by the service system, leading to the birth of a new concept of medical service for A consulting enterprises. This is what we in the city of Aral Sea in the pharmaceutical market to open up new opportunities service system.

two, project creative

in this context, our team proposed the creation of a pharmaceutical retail store as the initial plan for our business. The pharmacy is intended to address the early election in Weihai city. Rural development market. We are out of the ordinary item lies in we should in pharmacies according to the first village high case (rheumatism, cerebrovascular diseases, heart 1) establish characteristics of the project and general project combining the sales model, we also implement the unique medical service system to slightly. The VIP system through the establishment of customer personal data, personal information and family, a customer UFIDA information collected in the database, to find out who in the process of medical service to a service and advertising, which is innovation and highlights of the business plan. Open pharmacies, through this kind of human nature, a full range of medical services, the establishment of trust bridge between pharmacies and customers, and enhance customer loyalty to find their pharmacy, help people understand the health of a medical service, take advantage of the market most of consumers, thereby gaining greater market share in a pharmaceutical.

three, market analysis

our early entrepreneurial selection in the development wells Tsuen Rural medical service system is not complete market at the beginning of the village a beast. Open pharmacies, although the overall level of consumption in the rural market is too low, do not understand the medical service system, it seems that the government is vigorously developing social and health services. Improve the new rural cooperative medical care financing standards and the ability to protect the array, efforts to ease the difficulty of seeing a doctor, expensive treatment. At the same time, the survey also found that the establishment of a membership card system pharmacies, consumers have a great sense of curiosity, but it is the service of the top girls low, prompting consumers to a high quality of service. Therefore, today’s pharmaceutical sales system will be gradually out of the dragon dance, replaced by the tip of the high standards of service.

above is about pharmacy entrepreneurship some of the analysis, I hope the big

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