Dalian to build air express logistics network so fresh ingredients

is a very good restaurant, in addition to the people will pay attention to the chef’s level, in fact, the ingredients are fresh is also very important, recently in Dalian to build a logistics service system, can make the food the first time into the restaurant, really go to the table of people, to bring more nutrition and health, won the consumer favorite.

in the Ecological District of Ganjingzi city of science and technology, every day there are dozens of tons of seafood by Dalian sky logistics "day" air express flying around. At 8 in the morning online single, at noon on the table will be able to end at 6." Chairman Song Ruxiang introduced the formal operation in 2014 "day of" air express, through the integration of national aviation resources, currently has more than and 120 domestic airports in the layout of the city, to build the "door to door" air express logistics network.

in recent years, Dalian cherry, blueberry, seafood and other fresh products in the domestic popularity is getting higher and higher, to ensure the best taste, quality, professional logistics is essential to help. Once in June, the cherry growers are worried about how to sell cherries, shipped out. Now, the day up, SF and other logistics companies and a number of early in the side of the field. "We provide up to half a day, a day of, and safe up to four customized logistics services, shipping is free for more than a minute." Song Ruxiang said, "the day of delivery within 12 hours, not only in the domestic fastest, previously, there is no domestic logistics enterprises limited, not to dare to promise to pay". The annual cherry season, Dalian has 20% Sinotrans cherry is full up of the whole country.

is the fresh, fresh products, difficult in logistics. It is understood that more than 6000 logistics companies in Dalian, employing more than 130 thousand people, after a small, scattered, chaotic and other low-level competition, logistics supply is changing. In the service requirements for higher fresh areas, not only has the full up of this emerging logistics enterprises to build air express logistics network, Dalian Port group and other companies are in the layout of the aviation logistics. At present, Dalian Port group is building in Zhengzhou, central China Cold Harbor, to build the country’s largest air import fresh distribution center. Previously, Dalian Port group has opened the "fruit charter" and refrigerated container trains, sea and the "end of domestic and imported fruit table.

The establishment of

Dalian to build national air express logistics network, not only to promote local economic development, to provide a business platform, let the people’s attention, all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits on people’s kitchen. Dalian seafood, Changbai Mountain matsutake, Hainan fruit, all over the quality of fresh products will have greater market, but this is just a part of the "cake", electronic products, auto parts, jewelry, vaccines, documents and other high value-added products will also receive high-quality logistics support.

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