How to inspect the Malatang store location

a place in the end is not suitable to open a shop, naturally also need to do more research work, so as to be able to make the shop location is more appropriate. So, how to inspect the Malatang store location? Suitable for many of the location of the shop, then, how exactly is the best place to open their own shop? This requires proper investigation, Xiaobian teach you how to study Malatang store location.

start the season, let a lot of people to join the ranks of Malatang, in many food and beverage brands in the choice of a mala shop, is undoubtedly a good choice. However, when operating Malatang, must pay attention to the location of the Mala shop. Because of the upcoming business Mala shop whether it is purchased, or lease, you have invested a lot of money. Therefore, the site has the characteristics of long-term and fixed. And the locations of the target set by the operator selection decision, formulate the corresponding marketing means, the production of marketable products. So the Mala shop is very important to choose the right place to meet.

Mala shop can set up shop in many places, but when you lock the Malatang shop even after this shop to inspect the written survey records, a study period of at least 3 days business during the 3 days time to eat as long as you have to observe other peers that snack shop near, carefully observe the traffic and their field analysis of the customer’s consumption average.

then every day to make notes, assuming a certain store average daily traffic of 300 passengers, the per capita consumption of water in the 5-7 yuan, so the store turnover can be locked in about 1500-2000, so lots of 60 square rent generally around 2000 are normal, every net profit conservative estimate in 500-700 yuan if the rent is almost near Mala shop and a few peers can be considered under the investment shop, in addition to attention as well as the good business shop near the analysis of poor business shop is caused by what reason, this is also very important, if you can find the reason of failure of others and learn the words at least can you guarantee not to make the same type of error, can reduce the risk of failure!

a place is suitable for the shop, we also need more comprehensive investigation, so as to make the investment is not so, if you want to work not completed, let your Mala shop business is hot, but also want to choose a suitable location, also do not know how to study, so that more small the introduction of it to help you?

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