Olympic Games in the Olympic Games

People are constantly concerned about all kinds of

scores at the same time, many China made products in Rio also fire up. And not to say how much of the construction of the entire Chinese Olympic Games in Rio, but it is just hot up the international magic of the Olympic Games on the mosquito nets so that people’s Congress shouted. In such a special time, the wanton spread of the virus in the country of the card, the Olympic Games nets to come.

use of the Olympic venues construction engineering equipment, traffic on the subway trains and ferries, senior competition venues and the Olympic Village supporting air conditioning products, as well as the security of security equipment and video surveillance equipment…… These Chinese made in the Summer Olympics really fire a.

of the Brazil Olympic Games, the athletes sports skills competition; in the Olympics, athletes are on display and learning life skills, such as "mosquito". In this Olympic Games, from China’s "national magic weapon" – mosquito nets fire, in the domestic sales of tens of millions of nets, the price of foreign electricity supplier website up to thousands of dollars. Many Chinese netizens said, want to go to Rio to sell mosquito nets".

Chinese mosquito nets into a national magic weapon

at the end of last year, Zika virus outbreak raged in Brazil and, because of Zika virus spread by mosquito bites, so in the Olympic Games, the delegations are trying to "mosquito". For example the design of mosquito clothing, specially wearing long sleeved pants and use a variety of anti mosquito spray, the Brazil government has also launched the movement of sterilization for mosquitoes.

but the athletes found that although heavily armed, but when sleeping, the mosquito is a big problem. So the members of the Chinese delegation took the mosquito net from home, and the Chinese mosquito net became popular. Many foreign athletes said they had never seen such an artifact". Foreign media have a large number of reports on Chinese mosquito nets, saying it is a "national magic weapon", "extreme approach", "creative". Gymnast Feng Zhe said on micro-blog that foreigners want to buy his bed nets.

Taobao "Olympic" nets more than 20 to 50 yuan

Beijing Youth Daily reporter on the Taobao search to a variety of Rio Olympics in conjunction with the nets, style and other athletes like Feng Zhe out of the picture is similar, mostly in the price of 20 yuan to $50 between Taobao. These "Mongolia bags" are very popular, with more than 3000 pieces sold in a month.

called a "household textile" Taobao owner claimed that the brand is the Olympic athletes to Rio brand nets. BYD reporter saw the brand net price of 100 yuan, which belongs to the high prices in the same paragraph in the mosquito net. A sale of 39 yuan of "Rio Olympics Mongolia nets" the seller told reporters BYD, he had recommended in Amoy

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