Food chain stores recommended brand

catering market is the most popular hot pot, of course, has always been a person’s hot pot, the consumer market will naturally not too bad. Today, the momentum of the development of food is very fast, can be described as a bright star in the food and beverage industry. Although more and more brands to take the opportunity to bring business opportunities for investors, but how to choose the most meaningful brands from many brands, has become a problem plagued some investors. In order to solve the problem of everyone, Xiao Bian ready to take the food store list, from the perspective of the famous brand.

evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of food brands, only from a point of view is unfair. So today Xiaobian will taste characteristics, popularity, development, and many other aspects of the analysis, to give you the most equitable investors to join the list.

take food store brand recommendation:

: the first is lazy to take food

features: great taste and lazy to take food in recent years is a popular brand, it broke through the traditional production process to take food, directly take food with water, with several kinds of valuable spices Peru seasoning modulation, taste delicious, healthy, young and old, take food in join in inn ranking the first list fully deserve.

shop popularity: lazy take food has been set up soon, but with a unique business philosophy ("lazy" concept), by consumers, business is hot.

The development level of

: lazy to take food but the establishment of four years, already has more than and 40 stores, the development can not be underestimated.

second: 3 to take food

features: crisp taste and take food with similar to brine ingredients to boil the soup pot, when customers choose good dishes, with baskets and take food, Chengdu is well-known to take food brand.

rank: Gu take food store popularity is a traditional Chengdu type to take food, the unique ancient three decoration style, won the consumer favorite.

development degree: Gu take food development has six years of history, a total of 1700 domestic stores.

third: mother Township food

taste and characteristics: Mom Xiang take food using precise temperature control, unique soup, delicious spicy, unique taste, let consumers eat a hundred tire.

store popularity rankings: Mom rural food stores daily business hot, consumers tend to group together.

degree of development: mother country food was founded in 2005

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