Jia Yafang’s career of laid off workers

venture regardless of project size, even small projects can also create enormous wealth, the whole network will introduce a laid-off women workers to bring entrepreneurial experience, I hope to inspire the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship shop must have wisdom, don’t look at small business. Can also create a career. Laid off workers Jia Yafang how to use a small two to create amazing wealth, to bring more business opportunities.

2005, Jia Yafang and CCTV host Wang Xiaoya, vice mayor of Haikou City, such as the famous women won the 2004 China’s top ten economic women of the year". In 10, Jia Yafang’s birth is the most humble: only she is the laid-off workers, but also to become a "gold" cold noodle laid-off worker.

1998, Jia Yafang laid off. Bid farewell to the monthly salary of 400 yuan, go to work is chat, tea life, but she was relaxed at the age of 39. The second day, Jia Yafang rode a bike everywhere to find the dressing room, want to launch my own small restaurant. In a cold noodle stall to sell, and sell her near the cold noodle set. Sell cold noodle to tell her: "a bowl of cold noodle can earn 4 cents." Jia Yafang played the cold noodle small abacus: a bowl of cold noodle earned 4 cents a day, selling 50 bowls can earn 20 yuan of money, earn 600 yuan a month. Sell cold noodle input and small, a long table, a glass cover, a few bamboo sieve, containing several pots, dozens of daily necessaries bowl and a tricycle is enough. And her husband did not discuss, Jia Yafang went to the flea market to pay 508 yuan to complete a full set of house selling cold noodle.

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