What are the dessert shop decoration techniques

dessert store decoration in fact there are skills, as long as you choose a favorable and decoration program then the store business will certainly have a positive impact. If you are not very good at the decoration can learn a lot of skills. Xiao Bian summed up a few points, hoping to help you, to learn about.

1, dessert shop decoration focus on cleaning. General dessert shops to use the outer wall decoration glass with a strong degree of transparency, to create a bright sense of dessert stores, in the winter but also allow consumers to enjoy the warm sunshine.

2, dessert shop decoration color. Dessert shop should be decorated with warm colors.

3, dessert shop counter display. Product counters must be placed in the most prominent position in the dessert store to promote the main products, different counters to be arranged in accordance with the order, and to maintain a specific distance.

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