Funding for the creation of a team of entrepreneurial projects between individual team and small and

In order to fully implement

to promote entrepreneurship employment, to achieve a comprehensive well-off economic development, Shenzhen team to individuals and small and micro business funded enterprise project business, with this awesome venture support, decided to believe people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm passion.

held yesterday at the 2016 Shahe forum and Nanshan management innovation corridor Park Development Alliance Association, Shenzhen city science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Zone Management Committee Deputy Director Liu Yiping said: Shenzhen will soon launch a hit off the team venture funded projects.

Among the projects funded by

mainly lies between individual team, small and micro business enterprises, the newly established enterprise or soon to the establishment of the enterprises set up the project team. This is a good news for all the customers.


can make people’s entrepreneurial technology to stop, the key is not found suitable entrepreneurial projects, believe in support of policy, the entrepreneurial team can more easily find good business projects, to achieve the entrepreneurial dream!



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