How to know the bread shop to choose which brand is good

baking pastry has become one of the most popular leisure food snacks, new flavors emerge in an endless stream let people love does not release the mouth. Chinese baking business has just started, a bakery is a good venture, today Xiaobian teach you choose to join the brand needs to pay attention to where the bread.


now the bread business competition is no longer directly to the product and the competition between the product performance, but in the form of brand competition. In other words, when consumers decide to dine, he often first decided to go to the hotel or restaurant to eat, and then decide what to eat; even when he first made the decision of what to eat, eat

must also decide in what place

Third, the development history and development stage of bread chain

the average life cycle of our bread business for 2.5 ~ 3 years, the investment recovery period is 8 ~ 18 months, the growth period of 18 to 28 months, but the chain system needs to establish and perfect the period of 24 months. Obviously, the choice of a longer history of bread chain, can make people feel at ease. But this is not an absolute reference standard, because there are some emerging business has great potential for development. According to the relevant data in recent years was informed that the development stage of bread chain can also be reflected from the number of stores, the general situation is: the stage of exploration shop number is 1 ~ 10; growth stage is 11 to 40. During this period, the greatest risk; initial maturity stage is 41 ~ 100; fully mature the stage is over 100.

Fourth, chain operation has been on the bread shop whether the normal operation of

in the choice of good bread chain operators, should fully understand the business outlets in good condition, there is no stable operating profit, profit whether the prospects for follow-up etc..

fifth, bread chain enterprise management system should have a sound organizational structure

sixth, bread chain operators should provide full support for opening < recommended

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