A5 Daily what is BBS is the future direction of chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival

A5 stationmaster net daily: whether the long silence of the BBS has become the future direction of chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, where? How can we recognize it, in this era of rapid development of the Internet, it how to better develop their own? Here we see more to say about BBS.

1 barge "fallacy checkmate BBS"

has written an article on the local community case, mentioning the 19 floor. So in a web site a know who is the disciple St. Xian, claiming to be the big 4 students spray before graduation: 19 floor? BBS? Obsolete, the decline of the dead.

if by nature, I will fly a few big hat buckle: opportunism, fighting style, grass root plot. However, this way it does not meet the aesthetic needs of the public, and had to change to a book in return. At the same time, I am not in a hurry, because I still have a day of India – I just say, not responsible for persuasion."

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2 talk about Baidu post bar, watercress group and BBS product form  

Chairman Mao in the commercialization of the with the same as BBS, said in a text: I have been thinking, BBS on a separate function, is a successful website. For example, second-hand version independent, is a news version of Taobao; independent, sina is a personal collection; out alone, is the blog; and friends news independent, is QQ; the essence of independence, is Wiki…… It is not to say that these sites are just an extension of the BBS function, but that the needs of mankind on these categories, all kinds of commercial sites but in a more efficient way to meet these needs of mankind.

BBS has been active in the Chinese Internet for more than and 10 years, as a long life product form, the future is likely to pick up


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3 area BBS breaking social network  

has a number of sites, not high technical threshold of Zhongguancun, not relying on a strong background, do not need a lot of money to promote the rolling, but down to earth, more humane care, have more influence in the local area. This is in Guangzhou, Changzhou long lane mother network as the representative of the local vertical websites.

these local BBS was born in 2005, the beginning of the Web2.0 era, often a symbol of a generation of urban culture. As a kind of commercial activities, this group of Internet Co from the beginning of the forum webmaster, gradually create business value should not be underestimated.

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