Baidu Aladdin with box calculation into a technical focus

news August 19th, 18, as "one of the most important part of the 2009 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, in order to show the latest Baidu technology, analysis of the future development of the Internet, to form a good interactive atmosphere Chinese Internet technology as the goal of the Baidu search technology trends Forum officially kicked off. Baidu CTO Li Yinan, Baidu’s chief designer Sun Yunfeng, director of Baidu architect Liao Ruoxue, and Peking University professor Yu Shiwen, director of Microsoft Search Technology Center Asia engineering technology leader Liu Jiyang and many other neat scene, common development is the trend of search engine technology in detail.

search engine is not only the most popular Internet services, but also the Internet industry’s most technical content of the application, it is a major innovation, are likely to lead a new industry revolution. As the leading brand in the global search industry, Baidu has always been at the forefront of search technology. The event, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li once again put forward a groundbreaking Computing computing technology (Box) concept, and expounds the box computing for the future development of the Internet pattern.

in the search technology trends Forum, an important part of computing "as" frame technology, has been hailed as the next generation of search engine technology of "Aladdin" gorgeous debut, has become the most exciting part of the forum. The start of the Aladdin strategy, marking the Baidu has caught the next generation of search engine technology, the core of the context, and embarked on a global Internet technology in Pyramid.

‘Aladdin’ is the first large-scale application of the concept of ‘Box Computing’, will promote the revolution of search engine experience." Li Yinan said at the meeting, to exist in the Internet "Darknet" full information mining, and meet the users more and more diversified, precise search needs, Baidu launched the "fundamental purpose of Aladdin". It is understood that "Aladdin" is completely based on the open win-win idea, let the whole network to discover the hidden web, behind the open platform, there is a huge computational intelligence system to support demand recognition and matching, and show the demand for.


chief product designer Sun Yunfeng describes the practical problems faced by the current search engine at the meeting, and proposes a new viewpoint to promote the innovation and progress. Sun Yunfeng said that the demand for personalized network information explosion and the increasing number of netizens, search engines rely on the traditional way of grabbing information is difficult to satisfy the current situation, and Baidu in optimizing the traditional grasp mode at the same time, the "push" resource acquisition ideas, new data that cope with the Internet environment and resource change access. Sun Yunfeng further said that the future application of the search box will be unlimited expansion, to become a convenient link, the user and information, applications connected.


chief architect Liao Ruoxue explained in details the "Aladdin" behind the technology, also revealed that "based technology Aladdin" and resources audit system has made a breakthrough, by "Aladdin" brings the search >

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