n 3 years why Foursquare from darling become outcasts

Foursquare in the past two years have experienced setbacks, can be said to be the victim of the early hope of the mobile Internet and impetuous victims.


on a Saturday afternoon in March 2010, 33 year old Foursquare · co-founder Denis Crowley; visitors in Texas Austen Conference Center on the beach front, this is the fifth time he came to New York from here once a year in the southwest conference. At this time, a photographer in CNN pulled his arm, trying to introduce him to a father who was old enough to be a father. Guests from the United States federal government a newly established department, face the front of the hair fluffy, wearing brightly colored sportswear, a hangover like young man, he was a little nervous, but the possibility is still trying to talk about cooperation and crowley.

this is the most beautiful time Foursquare. Khosla, Accel Partners and Andreessen Horowitz these 3 Silicon Valley’s most famous Vc firm are competing for access to B round of investment priorities. At the same time, YAHOO’s $100 million bid to acquire the company, which was founded only for the past 1 years, was rejected. Soon after, wearing a crown, hands folded on his chest, a pair of dragon in the world like Denis · Crowley boarded the "connection" magazine cover, the cover is a striking yellow Title: the new king of social networks.

can melt into the money I have been very excited, said this time, the time has come to 2013. Denis · Crowley, this 3 years ago, the star of the Silicon Valley from the end of 2012 began a new round of financing, the former lined up to see his investors now on Foursquare was in the dumps, and even have said before the company’s valuation is too high, to spend half a year before labor. Through bond financing raised $41 million investment, to avoid being Foursquare so before analysts predict will be closed before the end of 2013.

although the new financing has temporarily ended the death outside of the prophecy, but did not change the company’s future is uncertain situation. In October this year, Foursquare launched a big commercial — open businesses face new advertising platform, but has not been recognized by the outside world is expected, the well-known technology blog Business Insider called it "may still not be enough to make Foursquare survive".

just 3 years, from Foursquare to the beloved outcast, what really happened to


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