How to write a sense of rhythm

good copy has rhythm.

this is not what I said, is the experience shows. Copy is to spread and then let consumers take action to buy, if you write something with rhythm, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Poetry is a good example of something that can be easily spread out because of the rhythm and rhythm.

how to make a copy of the rhythm can be used in the following ways.

1 simple sentences

good copywriting went straight to the theme.


chain, to keep the readers interest. Not only does it make your copywriting easy to understand, but it can also make it more compact, more dynamic and more rhythmic.

let’s take a look at the example.

small car: Car fat die fast.

Jordan movement: everything is not absolute.


Leo Bernar said: good advertising copy, have a simple and ordinary appearance. It and the surrounding environment as a whole, tug at the heartstrings.

a famous writer said: give me a good thing, I will give you a lot of simple words.

Churchill said: small moving heart.

2, active verb

good copy tone should be positive.

you can adopt a positive attitude to determine, so there is incentive. Be careful, the passive voice.

positive attitude helps to make products more popular.

remember Elvis used car advertisement? They said, we are the second, we work harder.

and they didn’t say we’re not the boss.


Internet advertising recall, you are my angel. Feel the attitude inside, it is positive, is very confident. Active verbs can bring a positive attitude.

3, parallel sentence

no good structure, there is no good copy.

your sentences must be consistent. Your words must be consistent. The verb should be in the same tense. The singular and plural should be clearly understood. All must be consistent.

classic advertising, often using a consistent structure. That way, make the text more powerful

let’s look at examples of parallel structures.

"more lubrication, less friction".

"quality, reputation outside".

"good taste, good time".

wants to get".


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